How much should you budget for content?

How much should you budget for content? If you’re new to content marketing, budgeting can be a daunting task. However, it’s an essential part of creating a successful content strategy. One of the most critical factors to consider when budgeting for content is business size, industry, competition, goals, tools, and whether to insource or outsource. At a minimum, you need

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SEO at the development stage

SEO at the development stage Incorporating SEO during the development stage of a website is crucial for several reasons, as it helps lay the foundation for long-term online success and visibility. When launching a website, there are four stages to consider, each with its own tasks and milestones. In each of the following phases, the person in charge of SEO

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59 Blogging Statistics for 2023

59 Blogging Statistics for 2023 Are you curious about the state of blogging in 2023? Then look no further. We’ve curated, vetted, and categorized a list of up-to-date statistics below. Click to jump to a category, or keep reading for our top blogging statistics: Top blogging statistics These are the most interesting blogging statistics you should know. 71% of marketers

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